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Pennsylvania Connie Mack Baseball League

Connie Mack Baseball is a community baseball league set up for kids age 13-16 and is played on a regulation, full-sized baseball field with 90' bases and a 60' 6" pitcher's mound. The league is administered by a Board of Directors that works to maintain the integrity of community baseball and sets rules that govern league play. Each organization, including Harleysville, has a defined territory from where it may draw players. Harleysville Connie Mack was started in 1953 and plays in the Bux-Mont Division of The Pennsylvania Connie Mack Baseball League. Pennsylvania Connie Mack was formed in 1953 and has two (2) divisions, the Bux-Mont Division and the Lehigh Valley Division. At the end of the year, Pennsylvania Connie Mack holds a year-end tournament with the top teams from each "A" League competing for the title of State Champion. Harleysville was the winner of the State Title in 1982, 1998, 2006, 2011 and 2015, and Pennsylvania State Runner up in 1999 and 2007.

Currently there are approximately twenty-seven (27) organizations in the Bux-Mont Division which comprises Bucks and Montgomery Counties. The League maintains a website at www.bmcm.homestead.com. There you will find additional information on the teams in the league, directions to their fields, as well as rules governing the league. There is also a link to the Lehigh Valley Division, which is comprised of approximately thirty (30) organizations located throughout Lehigh, Northampton and Monroe County.

The Bux-Mont Division also sponsors play in a Senior Connie Mack League for young men between the ages of 17-39. This league is grouped into two (2) divisions; the Sullivan Division for young men ages 17-19 and the Hostelley Division for young men ages 19-39. There are no territorial restrictions in Senior Connie Mack and organizations are free to draw players from wherever they may find them.


Program Philosophy

The overriding goal of Harleysville Connie Mack Baseball is to provide the players of this organization with a quality and competitive baseball experience. The quality and competitive experience encompasses everything from the organization of our program to player and coach selection, condition of the fields on which we play and the quality of player uniforms. While all these things are good; first and foremost - baseball must be fun. The absence of fun will result in players finding other things to do as oppose to playing the great sport of baseball.

However, while fun is certainly important, we also try to instill a goal-oriented approach to the game that demonstrates the value of practice, commitment, hard work and player development. As the old proverb says, “If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well". Baseball is a difficult sport that requires hard work, commitment and practice to achieve even a modest level of success. Participation in baseball at this level requires not only a commitment from every player, but a commitment from every parent as well. Games are no longer right around the corner. Parents will be required to drive players to game locations that are sometimes 30-45 minutes away. It is our belief that the coaches, a player's teammates and parents deserve a certain level of effort and commitment from every registered ball player. In return, we will motivate the players to willingly put forth the effort, hard work and commitment required to achieve personal success at the Connie Mack Baseball level.

The bottom line is that we, as an organization, will strike a balance between fun, hard work and commitment to the game of baseball.